Clothing Drive for Syrian Refugees

Bismillah, Assalam Walaykum,

Tomorrow is the last day to drop off the clothes for Syria. Please bring the clothes to Jummah tomorrow Insha-Allah. The truck will leave Insha-Allah Saturday morning for Indiana to drop off the clothes at Rahma Relief. We will load the truck first at the An-Noor center (3253 Mathers Road) at 7 PM tomorrow (Friday night). We will then head over to UIS to pick up the clothes from the Diversity Center and then come to the Masjid to pick up the remainder of the clothes Insha-Allah.


One of our youth was interviewed today by all three TV stations regarding the clothing drive (CBS, NBC and ABC). Below is today’s article in the SJR concerning the clothing drive.  Please come directly to Mathers Road a little after 7 PM Friday night if you would like to help load the truck. Again, tomorrow is the last day to bring the clothes and below is the article.