Reminder: Flint Water Drive + Syrian Relief

Please remember that there are two drives going on. The first is a water drive for the Muslims and non-Muslims of Flint, Michigan. Half of the collection Insha-Allah will be delivered to the Broome Center for Muslims for the month of Ramadan, and the other half will be delivered to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan. The other drive is for the Muslim refugees and the details are below with dates and specific items requested.
These are excellent opportunities that Allah has given us so that we can attain nearness to Him as we approach Ramadan. Jazakum-Allahu khayr.

**Springfield donators: last day to drop off is Sunday May 8th at 1:30pm (after Sunday school). Contact me (via text) for any other questions. I will drop the donated goods to Decatur inshaAllah.  [Eklas L. (217) 381-3776] **


First Presbyterian Church and The Islamic Center of Greater Decatur have united to form the Syrian Refugee Joint Project to collect items needed by refugees of the Syrian war.

More than 4.8 million Syrians have fled their home country due to the violent civil war, according to the United Nations Human Rights Commission. Please consider giving to ease the enormous human crisis in the Middle East.

We request that only the following items be donated. The project cannot accept other donated goods.

Sleeping bags

                -Diapers (children’s and adult’s men/women)

                -Socks and sneakers/walking shoes

                -Powdered infant formula (no liquids accepted)

                -Food: rice, beans, dried pasta

Sleeping bags, socks, and shoes should be new or gently used. Expiration dates on food must be June 2017 or later.


We will accept monetary contributions. Checks should be made out to either “The Islamic Center of Greater Decatur” or “First Presbyterian Church” and earmarked for the Syrian Refugee Joint Project.


Members of the two congregations will sort the donations at the collection site. Volunteers will transport the items to the Rahma Relief Foundation site in northern Indiana, which will then ship them to refugee centers in the Middle East and Europe.