About Us

The Islamic Society of Greater Springfield, also known as ISOGS, is a religious non-profit organization founded in 1981 and is located in Springfield, IL. It is a Masjid and a Community Center serving the area of Springfield and Central Illinois.

ISOGS serves the community with educational, social, and cultural activities, and is the only Masjid in Springfield and neighboring areas (within 50 miles).

ISOGS aims to be conscious of the surrounding communities with volunteer work and community service, establish educational opportunities for local Muslims of all ages, foster a positive understanding of Islam, and promote a spirit of equality and a commitment to justice.

Other services include: daily five time prayers, Interfaith events, Sunday Islamic School, Community Halaqa, funeral services, , Eid Prayers and Ramadan Iftars.

ISOGS strives to build links between Muslim families, businesses and organizations, provides year-round activities and religious services and is committed community service