Al-Noor Sunday School
Al-Noor Sunday School, established in 1996, focuses on imparting Islamic education in the areas of Islamic Studies, Quranic Studies and Tajweed.  The school functions on Sundays between the months of September and May each year.

Average enrollment has steadily grown every year, and now has 100+ students enrolling every year. With highly experienced and talented faculty of 10 teachers and 5 teaching assistants, the students are able to learn basic Islamic knowledge in a structured and disciplined environment.

Lote Tree Academy – Home School Co-Op

Lote Tree Academy aims to create a nurturing and safe environment through which our children receive the best of education and character. The education model will help groom students to be creative, innovative, responsible, and caring citizens.
Character will be developed with emphasis on faith, spirituality and responsibility to community.

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